Meeting Schedule


All Meeting centers are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the social distancing orders, there will be Brevard online virtual meetings as follows:

Every day at Noon on Zoom: code 501 819 442 Password is serenity

Every evening (except for Tuesdays and Thursdays) @ 7 pm on jitsi in BrevardOpenDiscussion room: 





 11:00 AM    Fireside Group/O,SS
  5:00 PM    Cashiers Valley/O,SS
 6:30 PM       Love and Tolerance/O, AB

 7:00 PM    Big Town/C,SS

12:00 PM    Speed Bump/O,BB
12:00 PM    Cashiers Valley/O,BB,D
  5:30 PM    Serenity/C,BB

12:00 PM    Speed Bump/C,SS
  7:00 PM    Big Town/C,BB
  8:00 PM    Cashiers Valley/O,SS 

 12:00 PM    Speed Bump/C,D
  5:30 PM    Serenity/O,BG
  7:00 PM    Brevard Men's Meeting/M,O,D

 12:00 PM    Speed Bump/C,AB
  6:00 PM    Cedar Mountain/O,D        
  8:00 PM    Cashiers Valley/O,D

 8:00 AM    Cashiers Valley/O,SS
12:00 PM    Speed Bump/C,LS
  6:30 PM    The Principles Group/O,LS,SP
  7:00 PM    Big Town/O,SP

 9:00 AM    Cashiers Valley/O,SS
 9:00 AM    Women's Beginners/W,O,D 
10:00 AM    Joy! of Living/W,O,D   

11:00 AM    The Principles Group/O,D


All are welcome at Open meetings; however, Closed meetings are reserved for those who have a desire to stop drinking. Key to Meeting Format:

 O - Open
LS - Literature Study
 C - Closed
MT - Meditation
AB - As Bill Sees It
SP - Speaker
BG - Beginners Meeting   
SS - Step Study
BB - Big Book   
 M - Men Only
 D - Discussion
 W - Women Only
 R- Daily Reflections
AL- Al-Anon